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10 best essential i0S and Android traveling app every vacationer must have in 2018

10 best essential i0S and Android traveling app every vacationer must have in 2018

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There are little issues that may arise while you are on a journey that can turn a well planned trip into terrible tour. Problems such as long lines at the airport yet you are already late. Your passport has expired and you haven’t booked a hotel room.

All these hitches can be avoided by downloading a number of travel apps on the phone or laptop to help you in planning your coming weekend trip or booking your favorite hotel.

Travel app makes your travel matters much easier. They allow you to renew your passport in the anytime, anywhere , interpret foreign language easily, escape long queue at the airport and you can even book a hotel at the 11 hour plus do a lot more with travel apps.

While you are planning to travel next time, here is a comprehensive list of some of the important travel apps that you must have to achieve a trouble-free journey. All of them are available on i0S and android gadgets

      1.word lensWord lens is an app that allows you to translate all printed text in factual time using the Android phone camera. While on the other hand, this app can let users traveling in foreign country to read text using i0S camera.


  1. TripCase travel app – You really wants to store all you travel booking in one central place so that you conveniently get them whenever they are required. TripCase lets you organize all you travel plans into one efficient itinerary. It will help you manage booking hotel, flight ticket, rent car or even get airport information in a single app.


  1. Packpoint – Packing travel list often seems tedious and you can forget many essential items. With Packpoint travel app, you just need to enter the date of trip, length of stay, destination, activities and puff! The list of your complete packing list is automatically produced to you.


In order to make the right optional list for you, the app will ask for questions and produce your list according to the response you have given it.


  1. XE app This app enables users to have all globe currencies at their fingertips. XE allows you to look for currencies and see how they are performing. It’s a valuable app available for free download and you can also put the app’s notification on so that you can watch how your preferred currency is doing.


If you want to convert currencies instantly or see live exchange rates, then XE app is the best option for travelers.

Available for Free to download.

  1. Wi- fi map

I know you want to save some money during your trip, that’s why Wi-Fi map app helps you to find free Wi-Fi hotspot so that you don’t spend much on data bundles.

If you are in a new location, discovering things can be very hard and time consuming.

Wi-Fi map show you all Wi-Fi zones around you and give you their passwords too.

It is free to download.


  1. AccuWeather

This is the best weather app to have with you when traveling. It provides you with accurate, climate condition every minute so that you can make a decision on a variety of things.

It is available in many different languages and available for free download on i0s and android.


  1. Uber

Uber minicabs are available in almost every country these days and that’s the reason you don’t have to get worried about missing a bus to move you around from one place to another.

Uber app will allow you to get their taxi services anytime, any day.

The app also has ability to write your address thus it is competent app you must have whenever there is a case of language difficulty.

Free download


  1. Walc

Walc can show you the routes to follow based on well-known sights in the city that you are touring.

Just input the exact place you are on walc app and it will give you directions. Moreover, the app has a plug in pocket mode element whereby you just plug in ear buds and it will guide you in every step through its audio system.


  1. Oasis app

This app is small- time leasing company just like airbnb. It has an option for drop down list of sought-after lavish apartment houses of many destinations such as Miami, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro among other handful places.

The app can also enable visitors to book trip, buy theater tickets or even make hotel reservation. It is available 24/7, all you have to do is just to login and order what you want.


  1. AutoSlash

How about having an app that helps you to know whenever there are lower prices for car rentals and discount in various eateries in the area you are to tour.

AutoSlash can assist you to know inexpensive car hire prices with easiness.

If you had already made a car reservation, AutoSlash will let you put in your reservation information into its app. The app is able to track other rental prices; you can therefore compare the prices and pick the one that suitable for you. When you turn on this app’s notification ON, it will inform you by e-mail when there are cheaper prices so that you can re-book again.


With availability of the apps I have mentioned above, you can be sure that your trip will always be a successful one. They take way all the burden of arranging your journey to a simple one. Why not download these apps for free and enjoy an easy trip.









Great getaways: 5 beautiful beaches in Kenya to visit.

Great getaways: 5 beautiful beaches in Kenya to visit.

Kenya is full of numerous tourists’ attraction sites, and one of them is the beaches and islands which mostly are located at the coastal part of Kenya. The Kenyan beaches have a lot of activities to offer everyone who visits them.

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There are resort and spas for relaxation, swimming pools, soft beach soil, great weather and other many things you that will give you much pleasure.

Do you want to experience Kenya’s spectacular beaches? Then you can check-out the following amazing beaches in Kenya where you will you will have a chance to enjoy the adventure the country offers.

  1. Lamu beaches

Lamu beach is perfect place for vacation due to its white sandy beach. It is the mother to mini beaches like Manda and Shela which has also exquisite resorts. These beaches provide visitors with a calm place to have fun and relax when there are in holiday or business tour.


  1. Diani beach

Diani beach is located a long Indian ocean, southern part of Mombasa. It is the most popular beach in Kenya, known to offer escapade. At the beach, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful warmth from the sun. It is also known for its palm vegetation, coral-reef and sandbars which are underwater. Diani beach is a perfect place to enjoy swimming, surfing, picnic or even walking with your family and friends.

  1. Nyali beach

Nyali beach provides a perfect place to relax with your family. It has exquisite resort and amongst all, the beach provides privacy since it is never crowded. There are a lot of activities that guests can engage in ranging from sand bathing, surfing, swimming to picnics.

4.Vipingo beaches

This beach is found in the Swahili villages near kilifi town. It is also surrounded with tall coconut tree and gorgeous green vegetation. If you want a place for vacation with friends and family, Vipingo beaches is the perfect site for you, where you can enjoy countless activities while at the same time experience Kenya’s amazing hospitality.

  1. Watamu beach

Watamu beach is located along Indian Ocean in Kenya, southern part of Malindi. The beach is known for its soft sand and clear water. Watamu offer great place to relax as you view   the supernatural ocean. You can engage yourself in activities such as surfing, swimming and other things.

Check out other marvelous beaches in Kenya that you may want to know include;


Gazi beach

Bamburi beach

Giriama beach

Shanzu beach

Che shale beach


Fascinating places to experience fun in Nairobi.


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Fascinating places to experience fun in Nairobi.

There are many beautiful places in Kenya ranging from stunning cities, National parks, Beach resort, lakes among other great features that visitors can always go for vacation. Then there is Nairobi city, which is located almost at the central part of Kenya.

It is the capital city of Kenya and most admired tourist destination in Africa, despite earlier periods of travel cautions issued by countries like US and UK.

Nairobi is known as the main core for business in East and Central Africa. It boasts for being the mother of many headquarters of many Organizations and intercontinental companies hence making it the ideal location for trade visitors.

So if you are thinking of visiting Nairobi or don’t know best attraction centers in Nairobi, below I have compiled a list of remarkable spots where you can go with friends, family or as a couple.


  1. The Giraffe Center

The giraffe center is located in Karen, which is about 5km from Nairobi city center. The center was established by Jock Leslie-Melville. Before Jock Leslie started this center, his Scottish grandparents had captured a baby giraffe in order to start giraffe breeding at their home. Since then it has been a successful breeding plan which has given birth to a big Kenyan national park.

  1. The Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum was established in 1929. If you want to know about Kenya’s culture, history, art, heritage and its people, then this is the place to be. The museum offers a one stop leisure place for local and international visitors.

  1. The Karen Blixen

It is located at the foot of Ngong hills, in the farmhouse of a Danish writer Karen Blixen. This museum was established in 1912. The museum majorly sells African souvenir and it opens daily from 9.30 am to 6 pm

  1. Maasai market

It is located within the city center. If you like bargaining on products, then this is the place to be. In this market you can find fine-looking thing like maasai sandals, bags and many more. It normally opens on Tuesday.

  1. Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru garden is located along Langata road in Nairobi.  It is the largest commemorative park in Kenya. The most memorable event that took place here was the inauguration of the first president of Kenya, who was President Jomo Kenyatta and it took place on 12th December 1963. Some of the things you may see is a high fountain monument that depicts Kenya’s struggle for independence.

  1. The Bomas of Kenya

The bomas of Kenya is located near Lang’ata area and it is also opposite Nairobi National park.  It is about 10km from city center. It was built in 1971 with the purpose to preserve rich Kenyan culture. The event that takes place there includes dances, music festival, crafts, acrobatic dance and many more. If you want to learn more about Kenyan culture, then this is the place.

  1. Uhuru Park and lunar park

Uhuru Park is the most famous park in Nairobi. If you are that person who likes hanging out with your family, then this is the place to go. It has a lot of fun activities going on like boat swimming, bouncing castles, face painting and much more. It is only few meters from city center. On the other hand, there is Lunar Park which is at the side of Uhuru Park. Has fun actions taking place there than Uhuru Park. It is located next to railways golf club

  1. Mamba village

This park is the home of ostriches and crocodile. Are you that person who likes watching crocodile closely without fear? Then this place is for you. With the help of a experienced guide, you will even have an opportunity to hold baby crocodile in your arm and play with her.

  1. The US Embassy memorial park

This park was established in 1998, after terrorists attack the embassy. Hundreds of people were killed and others seriously injured. It is within the city center.

  1. jeevanjee Gardens

Jeevanjee garden is a recreation place with beautiful carving, tall luxuriant trees and creative benches. This place is perfect when you want to hang out with your family and friends as you enjoy the coolness and peace of being in Nairobi. Jeevanjee is within Nairobi central business.

  1. Cheese brown factory and farm

The farm is located outside Nairobi, about 30minutes drive from city center. If you want to enjoy some lunch with your friends and family, then this place offers an outstanding venue to enjoy yourself. Here you’ll take pleasure in eating farm-to-table dine, freshly prepared cheese, biscuits, bread and home-produced chicken tacos. After satisfying your stomach, you can have a tour of the factory and experience how cheese is prepared

  1. Finix casino

The casino offers a place to have fun and also players have an opportunity to win a jackpot.

  1. IMAX Theater

At the IMAX Theater, you’ll have the opportunity to watch your much loved actor’s fresh movie at the theater on a 3D large screen. Unlike other places, Imax theater provides a place where you’ll have unforgettable memories. It is located along Mama Ngina  street,at the 20th century plaza

  1. Sarit center

Sarit center is located in westlands area. It is the primarily famous shopping center in Nairobi. If you like shopping, this place is the habitat of well known trade name like Truworths, Bata, Adidas and many more. There are banks, cinemas, gym, restaurants and you are able to do many things in one roof.

  1. Ngong Racecourse

If you love anything to do with horses, then this place suits you. Ngong racecourse is well known for horse racing events, but at times weddings, exhibitions, conferences takes place there.

Other attractive places in Nairobi include:

Splash water world – located in within carnivore restaurant

Maasai ostrich farm – located in kitengela, Kajiado County.

Panari sky center – located along Mombasa road.

Paradise lost – located in kiambu district.

Village market – located along limuru road,gigiri Nairobi.

Nairobi safari walk- located in Nairobi.





Safari Park Hotel and Casino

Safari Park Hotel and Casino

Safari Park Hotel and Casino is a legendary hotel worldwide, known as for its exquisite conference destination. The hotel is built on a brilliantly manicured garden, approximately 50 acres piece of land, festooned with indigenous trees which give it an elegant appearance.

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On its own way, the hotel also boasts for being an attraction center for its guests. The presence of native trees provides home to thousands of amazing birds and butterflies which visitors can gaze at. It can blow your own mind away when you see the hotel’s radiant water backyard and inland beach.

Safari Park Hotel is located in Nairobi, along Thika super highway, opposite Neema Hospital. On a traffic jam free day, it will take a visitor 10minnutes to Nairobi CBD. This hotel is also among the best hotel in Kenya well known for offering top-notch accommodation services added with competent staff.


 The hotel has abundance of rooms; 167 superior rooms and 36 suites which totals to 203 rooms. Each room is well-furnished to perfection with all necessities available.  Safari Park hotel rooms are spacious plus every floor is polished and wooden.


Additionally, each room has a frontage balcony where visitor can rest while enjoying the hotel’s tranquility.


The set of restaurant choices at Safari Park Hotel can never disappoint anyone. It’s a place where everyone’s flavor is given first priority. There are five different expertise restaurants where guest can choose the one that fits her/his taste buds.

The restaurants are: Chiyo (delightful Japanese restaurant)

Winners Pavilion (a very charming Chinese eating place)

La Piazzetta(it’s an Italian eatery)

Nyama Choma ranch (this is where to eat Kenya roasted or grilled meat)

Café Kigwa

Convention Center and health club

The Safari Park Hotel and Casino possess large world class conference center for hosting business meetings. Convention halls are fitted with state of the art equipment thus guarantees instantaneous connectivity for industry growth.

There are exclusive  leisure facilities  and well being club.

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It’s at Safari Park Hotel where you will find never ending amusement activities and amazing stage presentations. You can enjoy fun dances from Safari Cat’s artistes as you enjoy your Nyama Choma. There is also many leisure entertainers who go there to amuse guests like the Piano Bar, The Cats club among others

Other amenities at Safari Park Hotel

Outdoor swimming poor


Free wi-fi


health spa


Contact: 254 (0) 203633000






Eka hotel Nairobi

Eka hotel Nairobi

Eka hotel is situated alongside Mombasa road. On a good day that there is no traffic jam, it is a 10 minutes drive to Nairobi CBD and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport respectively.

relaxation bed


If you’re a business travelers, vacationer or just in need of a more quiet hotel, Eka hotel is the best choice for you because of its perfect location and great setting which can enable visitors to get around Nairobi easily.


The hotel rooms are serviced luxuriously to give guest a warm feeling while resting. The rooms are spacious and comfortable.

There are 169 well furnished rooms. Among these 169 rooms, 160 are superior room. Also available 2 guest room for people with special needs plus 4 junior suites.

The hotel rooms are fitted with air-conditioner, wi-fi, flat satellite TV, comfortable beds and much more a guest may need



Eka Hotels provides their guests with extensive fresh tasteful delicacies that they may need. The hotel does it best when it comes to dining. Whether it is local food or international you want, you can always rest assured that you can will get it, prepared with love to enchant your taste buds

otel 4

There are two restaurants at Eka hotel (Galaxy restaurant and Spur restaurant). Additionally, there is a 24 hours operating coffee shop and two pubs   where clients can buy a collection of wine, beer, or spirits.

Additional amenities you can find at this hotel are

Fully fitted Gym

A deluxe Spa.

Swimming pool.

There is a 24 hour room service.

Contact them on

+254 73210500

+254 71904500



Chaka Ranch – Leisure Park

Chaka ranch Leisure Park

Chaka ranch is an exciting center of entertainment established on the slopes of Mount Kenya and Aberdare Mountain. It is found in Kiganjo, Nyeri country and it is only two hours from Nairobi city, which makes it perfect spot for those who want to have fun on outskirts of Nairobi. It usually opens its doors to the public daily between to 6 pm.

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Chaka ranch offers a beautiful sanctuary for people who love going for outdoor events; it takes pride on its exceptional entertainment venue consisting of life-size and large collection of quadrangle bikes and buggies.

Chaka ranch Leisure Park gives a one –stop location family fun day, outdoor events like weeding, cooperate events, drinks, food all at affordable rates. At chaka ranch leisure park, their is  a feeling of being at home away from home in a favorable environment, suitable for people of all ages.


Certainly, chaka ranch provides a world class experience with their tented camps that is within fine-looking backyard and natural surroundings. There are twelve lavish tented camps, providing excellent accommodation. The tented camps are few distance away from Chaka ranch Leisure Park thus privacy is guaranteed.


The ranch is located in a very safe location; there is 24hour security patrol, in addition to electrical fence. To add to that, during peak season, security is beefed up by employment of police officers.

Chaka ranch leisure park rates

The park was initially open to the public on weekend only, but things keeps improving with time, therefore, now it opens during weekdays, weekends and public holidays.


There are several mouth watering points at Chaka ranch that can give you awesome delicacies and inspirational drinks. There is also bars where you can get a wide collection of wine and spirits. The ranch is famous for preparing scrumptious nyama ‘choma’(roasted/grilled meat).

Activities Chaka ranch

There are almost limitless activities at chaka ranch. Enjoy yourself riding big bikes and buggies around the adventures of the ranch. The bike and buggies are available for both adults and young children between 6-12 years.

leisure buggy from pixabay

Chaka ranch also provides ideal place for team building, for small and large groups. Additionally group plays for friends also available depending on the nature of the doings

There is a 2 kilometer truck race, where people compete against a clock timer; you can go online to see how Adrenalin seekers battle it out in a pleasurable live way. Have much fun as participants compete against themselves.

If you are looking for value for your money, then Chaka ranch is the place to be. It is a venue full of adventure and fun, as you view scenic Mount Kenya.

Everybody is invited to have a good time there.




Best Western plus Meridian hotel

Best Western plus Meridian hotel

Best Western plus Meridian hotel is located in Nairobi city center, along Muranga road off Moi Avenue. You can easily notice it while standing in front of Kenyatta International Conference Center because they are actually closer to each other.


The hotel has superior stylish rooms, with all necessary amenities available inside them to give vacationers an opportunity to relax and unwind. The rooms are fitted with free High speed internet through Wi-fi. Visitors are able to enjoy themselves on King Size beds which can fit anybody whether fat or middle size. Air conditioner, telephone and flat LED TV screen is available in all rooms.

hotel picture courtesy pixabay

Moreover, people traveling as family are well catered for since there is a three bedded room, specially intended to accommodate those traveling with children. Each room is equipped with three separate beds, whereby each guest doesn’t necessarily need to share a room or bed. There is also a large living room plus wash room to give plenty of space and calm to visitors so that they can enjoy their vacation.

For guests who wish to stay for long or short duration in the hotel, there are Studio rooms designed for them. The elegant rooms are furnished with a small kitchen where guest can cook his/her own food. Inside the studio rooms, there is one bedroom and a living room where visitors can get extra space to work or calm down as they watch a flat LED TV screen.


Best Western Plus Meridian Hotels offer its customers excellent services that are worth their cash. Through Their well trained employees, they are able to give a warm welcome to the visitors during the visit. They also offer wholesome meals that will enchant your taste forever.

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Security is available sufficiently 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about your safety. Nairobi city center is safe and sound vicinity with parliament police post nearby to report any inconvenience that may occur.